The 2023 Instagram Industry Benchmarks Will Shock You

Why Industry Benchmarks Are Important

If you don’t know what are the current attainable benchmarks on Instagram, you will never know how to set realistic goals. So, let’s have a look at what are those benchmarks.

2023 Growth Benchmarks

From what I observed, the thing that causes a lot of stress to Instagram business owners is looking at everyone else and thinking they got it all managed. After all, people use Instagram to show the wins, not the lost battles. And it’s easy to think they’re winning when you’re scrambling.

A recent study by Hootsuite: 2023 Instagram Industry Benchmarks has analysed various industries and released some eye-opening data. What they uncovered was shocking! Most industries ranked with a less than 0% month-to-month audience growth! So, if you’re thinking you should be growing by thousands each month, the reality is that most brands don’t. They’re actually losing followers.

However, this doesn’t mean that growing in volumes is impossible. On the contrary, if you combine unique content with an enthusiastic audience and use the right growth techniques, you can grow your Instagram account rapidly. And of course, if you’re starting on Instagram, it will be relatively easy to get that first 1 K, 3K, 5K followers – for many, it’s doable to get that number in 1-3 months just using organic methods.

Get Your Mindset Right for 2023

Being realistic of how much content you can create and publish is critical to taking the stress and overwhelm from keeping up with social media.

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