Female Founders Talk Live: The Triumphs, Doubts & Surprising Successes

One of the things I’m passionate about is supporting female founders and female-led businesses. I believe that as women, we possess unique traits and have a powerful vision of how our brands can support families, communities, and the world.

This passion led me to start regular Instagram Lives with Fayna, the founder of an aromatherapy brand called MAP Studio, and Ruby, the founder of Rock & Ruby, a brand that sells sustainable socks made in Great Britain. Of course, I’m also involved as a social media marketing consultant and strategist.

We kicked off the Lives with an amazing topic – The Triumphs in Our Businesses. As we discussed some unexpected (and positive!) results in our ventures, we also addressed questions about why we started and whether we ever doubted our businesses. Expect some very candid responses from Fayna, Ruby, and me, and get ready to hear some beautifully stated lessons and experiences.

Tune in to the discussion now, and follow our Instagram accounts to join us every Tuesday at 10 am throughout June.

Episode No. 3

Episode No. 2

Episode No. 1