8 Ways How Mum Bloggers Rediscover Their Cool with Blogging & Social Media

This month I started a special programme for mum bloggers. Mum bloggers have become an increasingly popular group over the past few years. In fact, mum bloggers are a special breed of personal brands who want to build their personal brand on social media. They use Instagram to build audiences and then pitch themselves for magazines or start community projects.

But because I’ve had so many blogging requests from them, I started to wonder. What does attract mums to blogging and social media so much? Here are the reasons how blogging helped them to rediscover their cool.

1. Doing What They Love

One of the biggest reasons why mum bloggers start blogging is the fact they want to do something they love. It could be their past hobby or their passion. Other times it’s a big life event or dramatic change such as moving to a new country. Jane, who has just created a new blog called, said to me: “The little I’ve done so far, always excites and inspires me and I feel I will definitely make time to write more.”

Here’s one undeniable truth about blogging. Because you know you’re going to blog about what you love doing makes you do it even more often. Your friends and soon your readers will ask: did you do something new and write about it? “My passion for dancing has become deeper. Now I want to explore new dances like tango and I’m thinking I might do a course on it. Another thing I’m interested in is the blues,” shares Linda with me from No-Filter Lou. “Blogging is helping me to express myself. It has also helped me to shut up and channel my thoughts through writing.”


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2. Having Some #MeTime

A long time ago, I read an article from a mum who struggled to find some “me time”. This woman stayed up late into the night just to have some time to relax. She would watch her favourite TV show, read a book, or just drink a glass of wine. Blogging is one of the ways how to enjoy the time alone.

Jane also shared with me: “We are a family of six plus a dog and I work every day. I put everyone and everything before me. I find it hard to relax or indulge in my personal interests if I know things in the home are outstanding. I tend to organise a lot out of the house but as soon as I’m in the house, my own “stuff” takes a backseat. Even though I plan to go to the library or café to sit and write, because it’s just down to me and I’m not letting anyone else down, I again let it slip to the back of the queue.”

This is a common issue for mums who start blogging but I know a few who have worked this out. They shared with me that it’s important to speak to their husband and children and set a day in their calendar when it’s their “me time”. This is the time for their writing and blog, usually an evening they spend with a cup of tea and typing words furiously until they hit the Publish button. It takes time, persistence and work, but it’s worth it.

3. Rediscovering Thier Potential

Quite often mums lose their self-esteem on maternity leave. Although they’re managing a household and raising children and it’s hard work, they don’t tend to think it is something “practical” when going back to work. But what if their blog could be their new resume and portfolio? Blogs are also that – a place to show off creativity and potential and build a personal brand on social media. Sometimes it takes layers to uncover it but trust me, every single mum has it.

4. Connecting To Women Who Understand

When you spend all day long with children, you don’t get too much space to talk about what is important to you. After all, raising children is about the children. And when your husband comes home in the evening, sometimes it’s not enough. Connecting to other mum bloggers can be difficult but social media has made that a lot easier. After all, everyone is just a tap away.

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If you look on Facebook, you can find a lot of groups and communities for mums. They hang out in online and sometimes offline networks. Mums need to connect because they have a need to be listened to. When they are, you’d be surprised how much they’re suddenly capable of.

5. Contributing To The World

As I speak to mums and listen to their concerns, one of their wants it to contribute to the world. Sometimes they just don’t know how to do it. Yet it’s very simple. Dealing with everyday life and making it more workable and fulfilling is already what they’re doing. If they just write about it, or about anything they deeply care about, they’re already contributing to the world.

“I get nice feedback on my blog saying it’s a nice easy read and some people compliment my personality,” said Linda. “I think people miss honesty. It’s encouraging me to keep writing.”

6. Authentic Influencers

With so many products on the market, how do you know which one’s right? What are the best toys for children? Which restaurant will you chose if you have small children? Leave it to mums. They are amazing at researching value and price. Their testing is also bulletproof. If it handles children, it handles anything.

Iva from the blog Donna di Casa writes about travelling with children, managing household, self-development, and sometimes everything in between. “Because in the Czech Republic there is a big problem with the quality of food, I decided to regularly compare products I used to buy in Italy (where we lived almost three years) with products I buy in my home country now. For example passata, spaghetti etc. My goal is to say which product taste almost the same as in Italy. I always add some recipe based on the product as well.” And not just that – some of Iva’s recipes are also intended to be cooked with the help of children.

7. Making Money From Home

Many mums turn to blogging to turn their passion into their profession. And it’s not too difficult to do that. They are “naturals” at building a community around their blog, and selling a product to an engaged audience is not a problem.

Other times mum do it the other way around. They turn to blogging after they started a small business to connect their first customers into fans.

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8. Navigating Through The Tech World

The world of tech seems quite daunting to many mums and I don’t blame them. Who cares about Google Analytics when your priority is to cook a dinner for four? But when it comes to adapting to new things, mums make great improvements. “I’m definitely more confident with tech,” shares Linda with me. “I’ve learnt how to use Instagram. I like that it’s more visual than Facebook.”

There is no end to learning new skills with blogging. Learning about WordPress, social media platforms, photography and photo editing are just a few of many. They open new possibilities not just for self-expression but also for job openings.

I always knew mums were superwomen – not speaking of mum bloggers! It’s about time the world recognised that and helped them share their potential.