The Traits of 5 Inspiring Women Who Make the History

In the celebration of the Women’s Day, I’ve decided to share this blog post inspired by women and their traits that highlight the best of their characters. I’m talking about authentic women and those who inspire us when you see them in a magazine, a TV commercial, or a video in your Facebook news feed. Here are five traits of Emma WatsonVictoria BeckhamLena DunhamBobbi Brown and Audrey Hepburn that inspire us – women who make the history.

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Powerful Women Stand For What They Say & Do

One of the most recent cases talked about online during the past week. Emma Watson shows a bit of side boob in the Vanity Fair magazine and the world goes mad. Why? Because she’s a feminist and feminists shouldn’t do that. (By the way, did you know that feminist comes from the Latin word femina that means “woman”. And by the way, did you know women have boobs?) As she has acknowledged in her latest interview, there’s a big misconception of public about what feminism is. And, with that, she stands for women and for what she did.

They Love Their Husbands & Families

I have to admit that since Spice Girls started getting popular, it was Victoria Beckham aka the Posh Spice who I admired the most. Not only I loved her for her style, but mostly for her approach to family. In every interview she spoke of her relationship with David keenly and praised her husband whatever way she could. I love to see a woman who not only fulfils on her career, but also doesn’t forget about her family. Having four children is another proof that tells a lot about her.

Great Women Apologise When They Make A Mistake

No celebrity will go without a scandal or at least criticism and Lena Dunham is no different. I admire Lena for starring, producing and writing the TV show Girls at such young age. With her fresh viewpoint, she has contributed to so many young girls in the world, including me. However, on one of her recent podcasts on abortion, she said a rather distasteful joke, “I wish I had an abortion myself.” Sometimes some jokes don’t sound too funny. When the controversy spread online, Lena apologised in a timely matter. And that’s what makes Lena a great woman – not that she doesn’t make mistakes, but that when she does, she will apologise.

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They Empower Other Women To See Their Greatness

When I saw Bobbi Brown’s ad campaign for the first time about ten years ago, my jaw dropped. It’s no wonder that Bobbi is so accomplished and her business is thriving. After all, supporting women all over the world to feel at their best and to feel beautiful the way they are is an amazing cause. She encourages women to be #PrettyPowerful and express themselves for who they are, regardless of using her makeup products or not. And what’s more powerful than a woman standing or other woman?

They Have A Grace & Style

It’s hard to forget Audrey Hepburn even after two decades after she’s passed way. While we remember her for many things, one of the most celebrated reasons of her popularity is her style. Wearing famous and iconic brand like Givenchy, always dressed elegantly and appropriately. Audrey is the synonym for beauty, grace and style and she still continues to inspire us today.

Who are your favourite women role models? Do you follow any personal brands on Instagram who inspire you? Share in the comments!