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Consulting: The Bargello Edit

About the Client

The Bargello Edit is a brand selling “retro kits for modern makers” and a series of online workshops, supplies and kits using an easy-to-master needlepoint technique. When I started working with the founder, Nerrisa Pratt, she was already an experienced Instagrammer with almost 4,000 followers. Nerrisa was preparing for a major product launch, a collection of sewing kits inspired by the popular Netflix TV Show – Bridgerton. At that time, needed a powerful campaign to promote her new line of products, as well as a strategy that would help her reach a new audience across the platform and generate conversions on her e-commerce website.

How We Worked Together

Nerrisa and I started meeting roughly two months before the campaign was about to start. There were four weekly online meetings held over a period of four weeks, each one hour long, with a follow-up just before the campaign. As a founder, Nerrisa currently manages the sales and marketing side of the business, so every piece of advice she got was specific and attainable, as time is her most valuable currency.

The important part of the process was also seeing how much time and effort she needed to put into a campaign and a successful strategy for her brand. In addition, Nerrisa’s vision was to start outsourcing certain parts of the marketing, and wanted to get an understanding of how much income her marketing efforts produce as well as cost. With this in mind, we set measurable results and created an action plan that would lead Nerrisa to succeed with her campaign and strategy in a short period of time.

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Goal No. 1: Understanding What the Audience Wants


Nerrisa is an experienced Instagram user and has used it successfully to promote her brand, however, she wanted to be sure her content speaks to her audience.


The first step toward driving a successful campaign and strategy was to do quick market research. We decided to run a quick Instagram survey on Nerrisa’s Stories, and a survey that was sent to her mailing list. Nerrisa offered a coupon to each participant that they could use in her online store.


Nerrisa’s Story survey provided a lot of valuable insights and turned highly successful as we managed to get around 130 people to answer each question. Her mailing list survey provided a lot of quality information as well. Thanks to the survey, Nerrisa discovered what her audience values about The Bargello Edit, that a subscription service would be a great addition to her website checkout, and recommended magazines where she could promote her brand. Additionally, running the market research helped her to generate new orders thanks to the coupon she offered to everyone who provided responses.

Goal No. 2: Rethinking Strategy and Launch Campaign


As Nerrisa’s new collection launch was emerging, she needed to increase The Bargello Edit’s visibility and revenue. The idea was to get her collection funded on Kickstarter first. And while she was somewhat consistent with her posts, she lacked a structure that would help her generate more income directly through Instagram.


As we created a strategy for The Bargello Edit, we decided to focus on two metrics: reach and conversions. Since Nerrisa hasn’t made much use of the Reels to that point, we decided to bring them to the centre of the strategy, as they’re powerful in reaching new audiences. The focus was decided to be more on inspirational posts that would showcase her kits and products, and a strong call to action in her content.


Thanks to the attention that Nerrisa’s upcoming collection got from her social media posts, the Kickstarter she launched got funded within just 2 hours! Moreover, her posts got three to four times more reach being Reels, a huge step forward to reaching a new audience and growing her audience on Instagram.

Goal No. 3: Outsourcing


As explained above, Nerrisa is the sole owner and executive of her brand and manages all parts of her brand, including social media marketing. As her brand has started to grow, she’s been considering hiring a dedicated social media manager to decrease the workload.


To outsource The Bargello Edit’s social media effectively, Nerrisa was advised to create Social Media Guidelines and Policy documents that would serve as a guide, and do’s and don’ts for any new marketing staff.


Nerrisa was supplied with customisable templates and as a result, created the Social Media Guidelines and Policy documents. As a result, she’s ready to hire and outsource her social media marketing as soon as her budget allows her.